Mittwoch, 7. März 2018

Findest du auch

Findest du auch, dass jede Reise
um dich den Radius vergrößert, dessen Mitte Heimat ist.
Für einen Moment, obwohl wir uns bald
in entgegengesetze Richtung bewegen werden,
fühlt es sich an
als sei ich zur Ruhe gekommen

Gabeba Baderoon 
Bild: Gerard Dillon

Mittwoch, 21. Februar 2018

But once..

“But once in a while the odd thing happens,
Once in a while the dream comes true,
And the whole pattern of life is altered,
Once in a while the moon turns blue.”

― W.H. Auden

Bild: Jimmy Lawlor

Samstag, 3. Februar 2018


As we journey onwards in life, more and more spaces within us fill with absence. We begin to have more and more friends among the dead. Every person suffers the absence of their past. It is utterly astonishing how the force and fiber of each day unravel into the vacant air of yesterday. You look behind you and you see nothing of your days here. Our vanished days increase our experience of absence. Yet our past does not deconstruct as if it never was. Memory is the place where our vanished days secretly gather. Memory rescues experience from total disappearance. The kingdom of memory is full of the ruins of presence. It is astonishing how faithful experience actually is; how it never vanishes completely. Experience leaves deep traces in us. It is surprising that years after something has happened to you the needle of thought can hit some groove in the mind and the music of a long vanished event can rise in your soul as fresh and vital as the evening it happened.

John O'Donohue

Mittwoch, 17. Januar 2018

The Brain - is wider than the Sky

The Brain - is wider than the Sky -
For - put them side by side -
The one the other will contain
With ease - and You - beside -
 The Brain is deeper than the sea -
For - hold them - Blue to Blue -
The one the other will absorb -
As Sponges - Buckets - do -
The Brain is just the weight of God -
For - Heft them - Pound for Pound -
And they will differ - if they do -
As Syllable from Sound -

Emily Dickinson
Bild: Jan Ortner


.....Another head hangs lowly
Child is slowly taken
And the violence cause of silence
Who are we mistaken?...

R.I.P. Dolores O'Riordan

Freitag, 12. Januar 2018


wie Luftschiffe
treiben meine Träume
laden unterwegs
ein paar Gedanken 
und Hoffnungen ein
singen und spielen
mit den Wolken
verabschieden sich
von sinnlosen Ängsten

wenn sie wieder 
in meinem Leben landen
wird mein Mund
voll Lächelns 

Cornelia Elke Schray

Donnerstag, 28. Dezember 2017